A Day in the Life of an Oxwasher: Ornella

Curious about life at Oxwash? If you're on the lookout for a professional environment that brings together multitasking, excellence, and forward-thinking, Ornella's story at Oxwash serves as a motivating example. Come explore the exciting realm of boundless opportunities, leaving your impact on an advancing industry!

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At Oxwash we are committed to giving our team members a range of opportunities at work. Starting as a Delivery Rider, Ornella worked her way up to a Control Quality Manager, with each position requiring different skills and providing new challenges.

How has your career at Oxwash progressed since you started a year ago?

When I joined Oxwash a year ago I started as a Delivery Rider, riding one of our e-cargo bikes and delivering clean laundry to customers on time. I then moved into the laundry where I stayed for a couple of months. During this time, I was responsible for processing orders, ensuring that every customer’s order was processed according to our SOPs and their preferences.

After gaining knowledge of both our logistics and processing, I transferred to our Operations team. I helped to run our postal deliveries and now, in my current role as a Control Quality Manager, I focus on everyday logistics, ensuring that orders are fulfilled on time and the team meets deadlines and has the most efficient delivery routes.

What does your working week look like in your current role?

As a Control Quality Manager at Oxwash, my week tends to follow a consistent routine. From Monday through Friday I focus on designing delivery routes, supporting our Delivery Riders, and staying in close communication with different members of the staff, including the Customer Success and Account Managers team.

In this role, I am also responsible for creating, moving, or delaying tasks as needed to ensure that we meet our customers' needs. This requires me to proactively identify and address any problems that may arise and work closely with my team to troubleshoot issues and find solutions.

What are the best and most challenging parts of your job?

One of the best things about my role is the flexibility during the day that allows me to focus on one thing at a time. I would say that the most challenging aspect is adapting to the ever-changing rhythm of Oxwash, as a start up company moving towards scale up.

What skills have you developed in the role?

I have developed a wide range of skills that have been honed through my experience in the field. In particular, I have become highly proficient in a variety of administrative tasks, including scheduling, data entry, and record keeping. Additionally, my problem solving skills have been put to the test countless times, meaning I have developed quick thinking abilities and problem solving in real time.

What advice would you give to someone looking to join your team (especially as a Delivery Rider or Driver)?

The advice I would give to someone looking to join the Oxwash logistics team is to be flexible and expect a learning curve, but know that it gets easier once you are familiar with everything. The rest of the team are always happy to help, making it easy to adapt.

As Ornella has experienced, there are several opportunities for growth within Oxwash. If you're looking for a dynamic role and a new challenge, consider joining the Oxwash team and be a part of a company that values your professional growth and development.

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