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Oxwash have Won the CINET Global Best Practice Award
Oxwash are ecstatic to have been recognised by industry experts CINET, who have awarded us with the Global Best Practice Award 2020.
Dr Kyle C Grant
Microfibres: Invisible and Deadly
In this blog post, founder of Oxwash Dr Kyle Grant discusses the unknown and invisible plastic pollution clogging our oceans, waterways, and even our bodies.
Dr Kyle C Grant
A Day in the Life of an Oxwasher
The alarm is set for 6:30, but the phone has already been steadily pinging since the small hours, as the pickups and deliveries booked by our customers are assigned to riders by the insomniac logistician Joe...
Airing Our Dirty Laundry
This week follows a historic weekend for OXWASH, in which we supported adventurer Tim Wiggins as he succeeded in kayaking around the Isle of Wight in record time, ably supported by our founder Kyle on the support boat.
Cycling in Oxford - A Look at Some Problems and Solutions
In the popular imagination there is no doubt that Oxford is generally seen as a city cycle-friendly in both infrastructure and attitude, with a pre-automobile layout and large student population that should mean that cycling is popular and well catered-for. There is no doubt that there's some truth in this, but the reality of the situation is a more complex story of unrealised potential, competing interests and dysfunctional dialogue.
One Giant Leap for Oxwash
At Oxwash, we have been pushing game-changing innovations in sustainable laundry technology and urban transport logistics for over a year now, heaping up accolades and industry awards to testify to our passion for making a difference and commitment to keep breaking new ground.
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