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Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services In Cambridge
Here at Oxwash Hammersmith we want to help get your laundry washed and delivered to you as quickly as possible. Our Oxwash pick-up and delivery bicycles in Hammersmith cover the entire local area, providing a convenient service when and where you need it. We're always ready for your order.

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Laundry & dry cleaning service in Hammersmith

We delivery laundry and ironing in the W6 Hammersmith area. Oxwash Hammersmith can provide a wide range of services depending on your need, including Luxury Items, Outerwear, Occasion Garments, and Homewares such as Curtains or Bed Linens. We want to help you wash as many of your items as sustainably as you can. Sign up to find out how we can help you wash and iron your laundry, and deliver it safely to you, today.

Eco-Friendly Laundry and Dry Cleaning in Hammersmith

Here at Oxwash Hammersmith we've made it simple for you to take a step towards a cleaner wash and a cleaner planet. Our innovative, eco-friendly laundry and dry cleaning service means that you can take the hassle out of doing your laundry, and become more sustainable at the same time.

Your Team

Josh is our London General Manager and comes from a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry. With a quick smile and a determination to give the best service to our customers our London operation couldn't be in better hands. Reach out to Josh with any questions, advice or if you're interested in joining his growing team!
General Manager

Oxwash Technology

Oxwash is re-engineering textile care and washing with a specific focus on sustainable hygiene.We achieve above healthcare-grade disinfection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses from our customers' items.

Ideal to eradicate germs, allergens, and odours. Triggering oxidation and cell lysis, ozone destroys microorganisms and is widely used in healthcare and spacecraft disinfection.
Membrane phospholipids are oxidised leading to leakage of cytoplasm and eventually cell death.

Wet cleaning is a more modern and eco friendly way to get dry clean only garments washed safely using water and chemicals which have been specially adapted for dry clean only fabrics.

Many professional washing machines now have a feature called Wet Clean. This means that the washing machine machines are able to process both wet clean only items as well as standard laundry. This is a more cost effective method of processing as now businesses don't have to buy a separate machine for dry cleaning, it can all be done in one machine saving time, money and space.

We are re-engineering the laundry process from the ground up; our aim is for clinically-clean, net zero carbon emissions for the whole process, from collection, through washing and back to delivery. This has never been accomplished and we are determined to be the first truly sustainable and hygienic on-demand laundry company in the world.

"Oxwash has reengineered the laundry and dry cleaning industry from the ground up"
"By harnessing space age technology, a new age of laundry has begun"
"Oxwash is revolutionising the laundry industry"
"Beautifully laundered and a wonderful, helpful team who give a superb level of care and attention to my linens."

Our Pricing

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Everyday laundry
Let us wash, dry and fold your everyday laundry.
from £2.00 per kg
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Cocktail, ball  gowns, or your little black dress, we've got you covered.
from £12.95
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Dry Cleaning
Impeccable dry cleaning, delivered straight to your door.
from £3.95
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Hotel quality bed linen, duvets and pillows.
from £3.95
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Battersea Lagoon

Avro House
Unit AH003
Havelock Terrace
0207 459 4671

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High Quality, Sustainable Laundry and Dry-Cleaning in Hammersmith.

Every time you use our collect and delivery laundry and dry cleaning services in Hammersmith, you can enjoy the fact that your washing is being done sustainably, and you are saving water and plastic by using our services. If your laundry is piling up, or you have delicate items to clean, why not give our pick-up and delivery laundry service in Hammersmith a try.

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