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Generation Rewear featuring Oxwash

May 19, 2021
Carla Lin


#GENERATIONREWEAR is a 3 part mini-series presented by Vanish in partnership with British Fashion Council. It follows the innovators and businesses at the forefront of a sustainable fashion revolution

The need to care for our clothes has never been greater. We currently manufacture more than 100 billion items of clothing every single year to satisfy the demands of just 7 billion people. It’s an unsustainable system where supply has totally outpaced demand.

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‘It’s important to leave the world better than your found it’ - Josephine Philips

We are very, very close to climate collapse and if we don't innovate incredibly quickly. We wet clean everything. It's basically like the concept car of laundry were completely different chemistry the machines are modified and emulate hand washing, so it's like a super gentle, much more sustainable washing method.

*A Microfibre Filter from an Oxwash Washing Machine* 

This is about three days of use. This is full of hundreds of 1000s of plastic microfibers, a third of all ocean plastic is polyester and polyamide from our clothes, which as you can imagine is so small. Imagine trying to capture that from the oceans, much easier to just catch it when it's coming out the washing machine.

'It's not a trade off, you can be sustainable and profitable viable business at the same time’ - Kyle Grant

It's not a trade off, you can be sustainable and profitable viable business at the same time, basically use less chemistry that's biodegradable and eco label, use less water, you know, you really don't need to use 50 litres per kilogrammes, it's not, you can use settings on washing machines that bring that down, the temperatures the kit, absolute kicker, increasing from, you know 40 degrees to 50 degrees, increases the amount of degradation of the clothes by up to six times just 10 degrees.

Oxwash features alongside Petit Pli and Sojo

Ryan Mario Yasin - Petit Pli | Kyle Grant - Oxwash | Josephine Philips - Sojo

Petit Pli is a material technology company comprised of a team of aeronautical engineers, neuroscientists & designers developing patented innovations known for their 'clothes that grow'. Sojo has been dubbed the 'Deliveroo of clothing alterations' and offers an on-demand clothing alteration service in the effort to reduce clothing waste.

Watch the full episode on Amazon here.

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