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Oxwash have Won the CINET Global Best Practice Award

November 6, 2020
Dr Kyle C Grant

Oxwash was founded with a mission: to disrupt the laundry industry, and end the polluting habits of the traditional competitors. While we still have a long way to go, we are ecstatic to have been  recognised by industry experts CINET, who have awarded us with the Global Best Practice Award 2020, for which we were nominated alongside American Dry Cleaning Company, Washmen, Jeeves, and Dobbi. In total more than150 laundry companies worldwide were nominated and a total of 45 made it to the voting final. We were lucky enough to come out on top! 

Ranking of the Nominees for the Global Best Practice Award Showing Oxwash on Top!

Oxwash is the world’s first truly sustainable laundry company, and this award proves that our processes are world-class. Our environmental credentials span across our whole process end-to-end, ensuring that we are doing the most we can for the planet at every stage. Founded by engineers, we have a holistic approach to the laundry service model heavily inspired by life support systems engineering in NASA spacecraft. Every inch of the process is interrogated to ensure a truly sustainable service to our customers. 

Our Lagoons are built from scratch with sustainability at their core

What’s different about the Oxwash process?

Collection and Delivery

Most laundries that offer collections/deliveries use vans as transport, which contributes to GHG emissions as well as local traffic. The e-cargo bikes we use have zero emissions and are able to manoeuvre around traffic rather than contributing, meaning that not only are we on time for our deliveries, but we are also saving 6,700 KG of CO2 per bike per year. 

Preparing the items

Most laundries will use whichever detergent is cheapest, with a high strength. These types of solvents usually have high levels of toxicity, with harmful ingredients such as PERC. Our chemistry is based on using biodegradable detergents and emulsifiers in dosages that are automatically calculated depending on the weight of the wash, preventing up to 25% excess chemistry being used.

Washing the items 

Traditional laundries, and even washers and dryers we use at home are renowned for high energy usage. At Oxwash, we use solar panels and other renewable energy to power our washing machines, reducing the amount of fossil fuels used dramatically. Further to this, a typical 8kg wash cycle typically uses 50 litres of water. Our machines recycle the water used, which means we only use 18 litres litres of water per wash, saving 32 litres!

Finally, unlike traditional laundries, we use microfiber filtration systems to prevent plastic pollution. Microfibres from polyester and polyamide clothing contribute up to 35% of all plastic pollution in the ocean, but by using our system, we prevent over 100million plastic microfibers from entering our water systems. 

Try it for yourself!

Now officially recognised as industry leaders, we are dedicated to keep raising awareness of best environmental practices across the industry. If you are looking for ways to become more sustainable, try Oxwash today and get 20% off your first wash with the code WELCOME20

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