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The Best Apps to Download to Help you Shop Sustainably

June 24, 2021
Carla Lin

The Best Apps to Download to Help you Shop Sustainably 

There's an app for just about everything nowadays. The team at Oxwash have compiled our favourite apps available for shopping sustainably and being more aware of their eco-footprint

Our Favourite: Giki

Giki Zero on Desktop

Giki –  "Get Informed, Know your Impact"  is an app that gives you information on a product's environmental impact. All you have to do is scan the item's barcode. Giki is perfect for those looking to make more sustainable choices in their day-to-day purchasing. It's challenging to work out what's best to buy usually, and this app allows consumers to work out how environmentally friendly the product they're buying is. Ideal!



Depop, recently bought by Etsy,  is a UK based marketplace for fashion that is extremely popular among Gen-Z's. With millions of individual sellers, it is great for discovering unique items. With a global community buying, selling and connecting to make fashion more inclusive, diverse and less wasteful. This is what transforming fashion looks like.


Vinted is a newcomer on the UK scene but has a secondhand fashion community of more than 45 million members. Use Vinted to easily give pre-loved fashion a second life and make money selling or swapping items you no longer want!


Thrift+ makes it easy to buy and sell quality secondhand clothes, lowering your fashion footprint. You can also choose to donate a portion of your earnings to your favourite charity. They take all the hassle of photographing and uploading your items off of your hands. The easy way to donate and sell your clothes!

Did you know that you can request a Thrift+ bag for free when ordering your Oxwash online? We'll hand it to you on collecting your laundry items. All you have to do is fill it up and register with Thrift+ before we deliver your laundry and collect your Thrift+ bag. We will send it off for you! 


Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD) is a platform for shopping and reselling authenticated, pre-owned luxury fashion. They believe in investing in quality pieces that will last a lifetime. Their mission to create a more sustainable fashion future and find better ways to expand our closets without harming the planet.

Kidswear Collective

Kidswear Collective pre-loved designer fashion for children. Let's be honest, kidswear lasts about 1.2 seconds before it no longer fits... (STOP growing so quickly, kids!) They won 'BEST ETHICALLY SOURCED RETAILER' at the Absolutely Mama 2020 Awards. 

Oxwash washes all of the preowned clothes, so they arrive with you as good as new! (All non-toxic, of course).


Hurr Shop at Selfridges


Hurr is a rental platform for designer clothes, known for some of the beautiful dresses and statement pieces it holds. The process is straightforward: Filter, browse and scroll wardrobes across the UK to select the pieces you'd like to rent. Pick a delivery date (a day or two before your event is best) and how long you'd like it for.

Did you know that Oxwash washes all of Hurr's rental stock? 

Something Borrowed

PSA: You can now rent WEDDING DRESSES! Something Borrowed solves the problem of Excessive clothing production, which is a big issue in the UK. It leads to millions of pounds worth of leftover stock being sent to landfill each year, with the wedding industry being no exception.

A wedding dress, usually a one-wear-only item, is one of the most unsustainable pieces you can ever purchase. Brides spend thousands on a designer dress for their big day that will only be worn once, meaning that renting is a great sustainable option.


Offering an at-home trying on service and next day delivery, renting from Rotaro is extremely easy. Rent the latest designer clothing and bags, delivered straight to your door. They stock the latest designer clothing, bags and outerwear. They even have a pop-up shop on Carnaby street right now - go check it out!


Re_Considered's Upcycled Items


Re_Considered hosts a collection of upcycled pieces as well as a service where you can send in your old clothes or favourite fabrics to be upcycled by Tabby (see her instagram here)


Sojo is a sustainable on-demand clothing alteration service. Their repair service is a way for people to keep their clothes out of landfill and give them a new lease of life. Their alteration service reduces sizing restrictions when secondhand shopping and ensures all your clothes fit you perfectly so you can love them even more. They hope to play a key part in revolutionising people’s relationship with clothing.


Oxwash Team


Whering keeps all of your items in one place. Think online shopping, but it's your own wardrobe (plus, a personal stylist when you get stuck and sustainable product recommendations to fill in your wardrobe gaps). You can also track your wardrobe usage to see what you do and don't wear.

Save Your Wardrobe

Save Your Wardrobe is a digital wardrobe management app promoting sustainability by helping you connect with the content of your wardrobe, as well as offering services to extend the lifecycle of your items. Just upload your items and start planning your outfits! 


On average, when you Oxwash your items, your items live 3 times longer than they would at home. Not only that, but it is the most sustainable way to wash your clothes. Per 8kg wash, Oxwash saves 32 litres of water, 1.4kg of CO2 emissions, and at least 1.5 hours of your time. Sit back, relax and click here to order now!

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