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Tips on Storing your Clothing Long Term

January 4, 2022
Eloise Webb

The New Year has just begun, and with it comes a time for renewal and a strive for organisation. What better time than now to organise your wardrobe.

Did you know poor clothes storage can lead to unnecessary damage!

These days our garments can be so easily replaced, most don't mind if they are damaged or lost. However, even though the personal cost is lower than ever, the environmental cost is at an all-time high. To change this, it is important to start caring for the clothing we already own.

An easy place to start is with how you store them. Use these tips to gain some great clothes storage ideas and you will be on your way to an organised wardrobe in no time.

Tip 1 - Clear out your wardrobe

Make sure the pieces you hold on to are the pieces you love. Oxfam conducted a survey that uncovered that large amounts of the clothing we store will never see the light of day as most people usually gravitate to their favourites. With this in mind, have a sort through and clear out! Make sure to donate those clothes you no longer need as you can help raise money for charity and avoid sending garments off to a landfill.

Tip 2 – Before you store clothes make sure there washed and fully dry

Properly cleaning and drying items will prevent them from producing bad smells or mould. Moths are very drawn to smells of human sweat, hair and body oil so it’s important to do this step correctly. If you don’t feel like tackling this yourself, send it into Oxwash for a hassle-free process. Our laundry experts will make sure your items are washed and dried to perfection then folded and ready to be stored away.

Tip 3 - Avoid storing clothing in plastic bags long term

Plastic is not breathable and so can trap lingering odours. Instead invest in sealed storage containers, this can help with preserving your clothing. Make sure there is a gap between the top of the container and the pile of clothing. This will provide space for air to circulate and keep clothing fresh for longer. If you are looking for a more structured storage container, we recommend this one.

Tip 4 - Use moth repellents

Use lavender bags or cedar wood in your storage boxes. These are all natural products that work great for deterring moths.

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