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Top 10 Sustainability Podcasts of 2021

May 13, 2021
Carla Lin

Top 10 Sustainability Podcasts of 2021

Sustainability is such a broad and all encompassing term it even overwhelms us sometimes. Here are the sustainability podcasts we love listening to that help us understand and learn more an episode at a time.

Sustainability Defined

This podcast helps narrow down the broad and ambiguous term ‘sustainability’ by focusing on a single topic within the realm of sustainability per episode. The hosts explain each topic with the help of an experienced professional. They then place it within their organizational tree to help listeners define what exactly sustainability is.

Hosts: Jay Siegel and Scott Breen

Featured Episode: #26 Big Data and Sustainability with Kate Brandt (Google) 

Episode frequency: Monthly

Sustainably Influenced

This podcast helps guide people through the minefield of sustainability. The hosts interview a series of experts in sustainability and ethical living to shed a little light on the many terms used across industries, discussing the different aspects of living a conscious lifestyle and how we can do our bit to make a difference.

Hosts: Bianca Foley and Charlotte Williams

Featured Episode: S03E02 Green Cleaning with Kyle Grant, founder of Oxwash

Episode frequency: Every 1-3 weeks


This podcast brings you education and laughs. Sustainababble is a fun podcast about the environment, sustainability, and all the total guff people talk in the name of saving the planet. The topics are covered thoroughly and help to expose the real eco villians vs the hapless incompetents. 

Host: Ol and Dave

Featured Episode: #154 Eating Insects 

Episode frequency: Weekly

The Biggest Story in the World (The Guardian's 12-part series on climate change)

This series follows the editor-in-chief of the Guardian and his team reporting on climate change in a new way behind the scenes. He outlines why this is the most important story in the world and why most of the fossil fuels we already know about need to be kept in the ground as well speaking on the responsibility of the media as an institution.

Host: Alan Rusbridger

Episode frequency: 12-part limited series.  

The Ethical Conversations Podcast

The podcast was founded during the 2020 pandemic and focuses on everything sustainable, eco & ethical. Covering topics from slow fashion to affordable veganism to plastic-free periods, it aims to be an accessible and non-judgemental space for people to learn about issues affecting our planet.

Host: Jess Rigg

Featured Episode: Episode #14: Disrupting The Laundry Scene, With Dr Kyle Grant, Ceo Of Oxwash

Episode frequency: Every 1-3 weeks

Green Dreamer

With over 300 episodes there is one for every time of day and every mood. Green Dreamer explores our paths to holistic healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness for all. The host interviews a new guest each episode is full of information and tips that we can action into our routines. Covering multiple aspects and topics across intersectional sustainability, the dream is to illustrate how these subjects are relevant to so many areas of our lives and how connected we are to our communities and our environment.

Host: Kamea Chayne

Featured Episode: 165) Helena Norberg-Hodge: How localizing our economies can support better public and ecological health 

Episode frequency: Biweekly (Monday and Thursday)


This podcast is our recommendation for people who are just starting out or want to know a bit more about how they can be more sustainable in life. They share everyday sustainable living advice and tips, and educate people on the topic of being more eco-friendly in an inclusive, non-judgemental way. The podcast regularly features guests from all over the industry, with a friendly chat offering up news, developments and some much needed inspiration.

Host: Jen Gale


Episode frequency: Every 1-2 months

Wardrobe Crisis

Focusing on sustainability within the fashion industry and with an exciting and sometimes high profile guest each episode, Wardrobe Crisis exposes the current impact of the industry as it is on us and the environment. We know fast fashion is bad but this podcast takes us further into understanding why and what needs to change.

Host: Clare Press

Featured Episode: GANNI & Responsible Fashion

Episode frequency: Every 1-2 weeks

52 Hertz

This is a fairly new podcast from the non-profit Lonely Whale. It is named after the whale found whose call lay at a frequency of 52 Hz - something unheard of from whales.The podcast shares stories of those involved in the effort to look after and protect our oceans. This is a diverse podcast with guests of all ages and backgrounds, giving a great perspective into a global effort.

Host: Petrice Jones

Featured Episode: 1: Against the Current with Adrian Grenier

Episode frequency:  Biweekly (Tuesday & Thursday)

Did you know we have our own podcast?

In the Loop with Oxwash

In this podcast we interview eco-conscious entrepreneurs and industry experts about the latest in tech and sustainability shaping the circular future. From Fast Fashion to Ocean Pollution, we’re here to meet the people changing the game, creating, innovating and educating towards a better future.

Hosts: Kyle Grant and Tom de Wilton

Featured Episode: #07 Biz Stone - From serial entrepreneur to angel investor.

Episode frequency: Fortnightly on a Tuesday

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