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How to care for your duvets and pillows
We spend around a third of our lives sleeping so buying a great duvet and pillows are an investment that we want to last as long as possible. So why are we all guilty of neglecting them and depriving them of their proper care? Here is the expert's guide to caring for your duvets and pillows to increase their lifespan.
Carla Lin
Recycling Responsibly at Christmas
It's Christmas day, the dog is in a pile of wrapping paper, there are cardboard boxes monopolising the house. It's easy to get frustrated and overwhelmed by all the waste. Find solace in recycling and decluttering with Oxwash's guide to recycling responsibly this Christmas!
Carla Lin
eCargo-Bikes: Welcome to the Future
eCargo bikes were actually one of the first bikes created. Now they are making a comeback and are here to stay. Find out how we're winning the race to win last mile logistics. This is how cargo bikes are changing the face of urban freight forever.
Kyle Grant
The Best Plants for Your Office
Struggling to keep your plants alive? Here are some beautiful and low maintenance plants to keep improve your surroundings and health. Read more about the benefits of keeping foliage in your workspace and home!
Kyle Grant
How Hygienic is Your Washing Machine?
Is your washing machine as clean as you think it is? Why shouldn't you wash your clothes with someone who's unwell? Find out about the dirty secret that everyday laundry holds!
Kyle Grant
LCAW 2020 - Washing For Our Future
Dr Kyle Grant was a featured member of the panel at London Climate Action Week. Come and learn how Oxwash are leading the drive in sustainable laundry and dry cleaning services.
Carla Lin
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