Serving Swindon and the Southwest with our carbon-neutral laundry facility

Our flagship facility, Big Blue I, is the world's first industrial-sized, carbon-neutral laundry and wet cleaning facility. Stretching across 20,000 square feet, it's entirely run on renewable energy and biogas, and with EN 14065 accreditation, Big Blue I has not only helped us grow but now offers a complete solution for healthcare and hospitality clients.

Why choose Oxwash?

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Our laundry solutions for Swindon-based businesses are entirely carbon-neutral, encompassing the entire process from packaging to powering our electric vans and e-cargo bikes. Our wet cleaning techniques drastically reduce water and energy use, all while filtering out plastic microfibres through our custom filters. This sets us apart from traditional dry cleaners that rely on harmful chemicals like 'Perc', which have already been banned in numerous countries.

Emphasising transparency, we annually share our comprehensive impact, challenges, and commitments in our Sustainability Report, maintaining our accountability for delivering exceptional service while keeping our environmental impact minimal.


We offer reliable laundry and wet cleaning services designed to meet the unique needs of Swindon-based businesses.

Whether your operations include on-site food preparation, catering and events, or safely disinfecting medical textiles, we provide flexible, efficient services with flexible minimum order quantities. Our team will collect and deliver items to your chosen location within your premises, whether it be a centralised hub at your premises or multiple locations – whichever best suits you.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we provide dedicated local client support tailored to your specific business requirements.


We specialise in premium laundry and wet cleaning services, employing advanced technology for effective stain removal without harsh chemicals.

For Swindon-based businesses, our comprehensive services cater to laundry requirements encompassing linens, towels, scrubs and uniforms, or guest laundry. Our commitment to quality ensures superior results while extending the longevity of your textiles, and provides long-term cost savings. We are proud to be able to support healthcare and hospital laundry services having recently achieved the EN 14065 accreditation, with hygiene standards that exceed the disinfection requirements of the NHS.


We offer invaluable dedicated client support, particularly during peak periods.

Choosing us means adopting a collaborative approach to address all your commercial laundry needs across Swindon and beyond. Treating our clients as partners, we are dedicated to utilising our strengths to help you accomplish your goals. This emphasis on partnership fosters a sense of teamwork, resulting in a more productive and fulfilling business relationship.


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Water reclamation

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Dedicated account management

"The mobilisation of Oxwash into RAF Lakenheath, and their subsequent service levels and quality are the best I have ever seen of any audit I have ever performed."

Compass Group - Anna Hallas MBE, Head of Healthcare and Cleaning

"Oxwash’s unwavering commitment to delivering both clinical-grade disinfection and sustainability aligns seamlessly with our mission, offering us invaluable reassurance."

NDORMS - Haidar, Deputy Buildings and Facilities Manager

“Oxwash's localised customer service and the direct relationship we have with our account manager has made the process much more seamless and efficient. The laundry industry has been slow to evolve with the times but we believe Oxwash can be the catalyst for change.”

Beyond Apartments - James Fry, CEO & Founder

“Oxwash's reliable and flexible service means that we are able to accommodate our guests’ laundry and dry-cleaning needs without having to worry about the quality of the service."

Courtyard by Marriott - Louise Bird, Operations Manager

“So far I can only say I am very happy, we have an abundance of uniform all week due to the quick turn over and twice a week collections. This hopefully means when we need to invest in new uniform we can order less. I am very impressed with the level of communication, I received some last year to let me know of delayed pick ups due to the weather (something I didn’t get from our previous company).”

Peterhouse College

Our Impact


litres of water saved, equivalent to 3 Olympic swimming pools.


times less carbon-intensive than the industry average.


of microplastics and fibres filtered

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Big Blue I is set to transform the laundry industry as the world’s pioneering industrial-scale, carbon-neutral textile cleaning facility.

Our state-of-the-art facility operates solely on electricity and biogas, eradicating the need for conventional energy sources for both power and heat.


We understand the importance of delivering exceptional customer experiences to clients seeking commercial laundry services for their Swindon-based businesses.

To streamline order management, invoice processing, and efficient collection bookings, we've fine-tuned our system. Our goal is to simplify your laundry management while consistently enhancing the quality of our service.


We believe that sustainability shouldn’t cost the earth.

Building a sustainable future involves cost-effective commercial laundry solutions. Through energy-efficient practices, we reduce our operational costs, extending these savings and benefits to you. This also removes the requirement for annual carbon offsetting requirements for your laundry usage across scope 3. 

Connect with our team to discover how our value-driven commercial laundry services in Swindon and the Southwest contribute to sustainability.


We understand the need for businesses across Swindon to have a swift and effective laundry service. Whether it's hospitality uniforms, hotel bedding, or hospital linens, Oxwash is committed to delivering seamless laundry solutions for all Swindon-based businesses.

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