At Oxwash, we believe that sustainability is not just about protecting the environment, but also about supporting and empowering communities. We are dedicated to promoting social responsibility and will continue to seek out opportunities to support, collaborate and give back to our local communities and organisations in any way we can.

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By forming partnerships, we believe that together we can achieve more than we could on our own. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with new and existing partners, knowing that diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources contribute to the strength and effectiveness of our efforts. We want to build and expand our communities, creating a positive impact. We firmly believe that by working collaboratively, we can achieve our goals better than if we were alone. Let's join forces, unlock our collective potential, and make a difference in the world together.

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We are very proud to have forged a partnership with Cleaner Seas Group to address the pervasive issue of microfibre pollution.

Recognising the urgent need to combat this environmental challenge, we have integrated Cleaner Seas Group's cutting-edge filters into our facilities in Battersea and Swindon. By doing so, we have taken a significant stride towards eliminating microfibre pollution at its source. These advanced filters work tirelessly to capture and trap 99% of microfibres, preventing them from entering water systems and ultimately polluting our oceans and ecosystems. With this partnership, we not only showcase our dedication to sustainability but also demonstrate our commitment to fostering cleaner seas and preserving the health of our planet. By leveraging Cleaner Seas Group's innovative filtration technology, we are pioneering a transformative approach to laundry practices that sets a new standard for environmental innovation within the laundry industry.


One of the community projects we support is The Gatehouse, Oxford.

They provide free support to adults aged 25+ who are homeless, vulnerably housed, on low income, or simply looking for company and community. The Gatehouse offers food, drink, and essential items, as well as personal support and counselling services. They also have a shower project, providing a safe and clean environment for people to shower.

We believe that everyone deserves access to essential amenities, and that's why we launder all towels and textiles for The Gatehouse on a pro bono basis. By providing this service, we hope to contribute to the well-being and dignity of those in need in our local community.


We believe that reducing textile waste is an important aspect of promoting sustainability.

Textile waste is a major contributor to the global waste problem, with millions of tons of textiles ending up in landfills every year. Our continued partnership with Hermit pyjamas marks an exciting collaboration aimed at extending the life of textiles as much as possible. They specialise in transforming high-quality bed linen into beautiful, comfortable pyjamas that are unique and sustainable. Whilst Oxwash's innovative laundry processes extend the lifespan of linens and textiles, through constant use they will eventually wear and need to be replaced, but this doesn’t have to be where their story ends. By repurposing rejected linens, we are able to keep these materials out of landfills and reduce the environmental impact of textile waste. This approach helps us close the loop on circularity, which is a crucial step in promoting sustainability.

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