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Oxwash was founded in 2018 by Dr Kyle C Grant, armed with just a bike and a backpack, Kyle started collecting and washing clothes for fellow students which quickly snowballed into a vision to revolutionise the toxic and outdated washing industry. From there, Oxwash has continued to gain traction, attracting investors such as Untitled VC and the Branson family to lead a successful Series A funding round, and now employing over 100 team members.

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At Oxwash, we are proud to share the story of our founding and the remarkable journey we have undertaken since 2018.

It all began with our founder, Dr. Kyle C Grant, who experienced the frustration of dealing with perpetually broken washing machines during his time at Oxford University. Determined to find a solution to this problem, he took matters into his own hands, armed with nothing more than a bike and a backpack, he began providing a reliable and efficient laundry service for his fellow students.

The response was overwhelming and this initial success fuelled Dr. Grant's vision to revolutionise the unsustainable laundry industry. Driven by our commitment to becoming net-zero and utilising advanced technology, we developed a unique approach to laundry services. Setting us apart from traditional methods, we have implemented a closed-loop system that prioritises exceptional cleaning results while simultaneously reducing our environmental impact across the board.


Our dedication to sustainability and innovation has not gone unnoticed. Oxwash has attracted significant attention from investors who share our vision.

Esteemed names such as Untitled VC and the Branson family recognised the potential of our business and have actively supported us. Their involvement and belief in our mission allowed us to successfully secure a Series A funding round, providing us with the resources to expand and realise our goals.

As our journey continues, each individual at Oxwash brings unique expertise and shares our passion for sustainability and customer satisfaction. Together, we work tirelessly to scale our operations and provide sustainable laundry solutions to a host of industries including hospitality and healthcare facilities.

At Oxwash, we are proud of our accomplishments and excited about the future. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the laundry industry, driven by our core values of innovation, quality, and environmental consciousness. Join us on our journey to revolutionise the way laundry is done and create a more sustainable future for all.

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A word from our founder

Commercial laundry and dry cleaning have remained an opaque, archaic, unsustainable and in many cases unethical industry for far too long. I founded Oxwash with the intent to drive textile cleaning into the future with a clear vision for a just, reliable, carbon-free service and we will not rest until the unacceptable impact of the industry is eliminated.

Our sustainability mission

We exist to permanently eliminate the impact of textile care on our planet and its people. We are the world’s first carbon-neutral laundry and are a Certified B Corporation®. We achieve ample water and CO² savings with every load and have prevented billions of microplastics and fibres from entering the ocean.

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Our Investors

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Holly Branson

Holly Branson, an accomplished businesswoman, and philanthropist, was drawn to Oxwash's commitment to sustainability and its potential to redefine laundry services. Her investment reflects her belief in companies that combine business innovation with a powerful environmental mission.

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Sam Branson

Son of Richard Branson and an entrepreneur himself, Sam Branson recognised the potential in Oxwash's innovative, sustainable laundry model. He invested, believing in the company's capacity to revolutionise the industry while contributing to environmental preservation.

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Magnus Rausing

Magnus Rausing, heir to the Tetra Pak fortune, is an angel investor focusing on the intersection of consumer and technology. Untitled Managing Partner Bertie Crawley led the Series A funding round for Oxwash due to its unique sustainable approach and scalable technology.


Our Team

The people behind the mission! We deeply recognise the value and impact our Oxwashers bring to the business and the wider world each and every day, and are committed to taking exceptionally good care of our team, and our local community.

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