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Hosted by Kyle Grant and Tom de Wilton

In this podcast we interview eco-conscious entrepreneurs and industry experts about the latest in tech and sustainability shaping the circular future. From Fast Fashion to Ocean Pollution, we’re here to meet the people changing the game, creating, innovating and educating towards a better future.

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#08 Ryan Robinson - Giving surplus feathers a new life as sustainable thermal packaging

#07 Biz Stone - From serial entrepreneur to angel investor.

#06 Josephine Philips - Making mending & alteration services accessible to all

#05 Carla Lin and Penn Frank - Hiring Gen-Z's, the current job market, and all things start-up.

#04 Freddy Ward - Redefining the sustainable future of personal care.

#03 Hasna Kourda - The visionary behind AI-powered app Save Your Wardrobe

#02 Paola Arbelaez - How RB is inspiring behavioural changes towards sustainability

#01 Joe Metcalfe - Founder of online charity shop Thrift+

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