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We all have our favourite clothes
and they should live many lives

Oxwash powered by Vanish

Giving your clothes
many lives

but more often than not, they end up in landfill

350,000 tonnes

of clothes every year in the UK, in fact.

52% of which are thrown away because of stains.
Before they even make it that far,
they've already made quite the impact...
A single t-shirt
A pair of jeans
kg of CO2
emitted over the course of its lifetime
of drinking water to manufacture and wash
Thought this was bad?
We're sorry to say it gets even worse
Often clothes are washed multiple times to get clean causing degradation
500 million tonnes
of microfibres from our favourite clothes make their way into our oceans every year
Oxwash and Vanish have
teamed up to tackle the problem
white oxwash logo

We've teamed up to end irresponsible washing for good

Vanish chemistry combined with the
Oxwash process makes it all possible

Next-generation Cleaning

Award-winning reliability
Doorstep collections
World-class hygiene rating
Guaranteed freshness
Rated 5* by customers

Free from

Polluting phosphates
Allergenic fragrances
Synthetic optical brighteners
Toxic chlorine
Useless dyes
Each week we aim to save...
clothes from landfill
of CO2
of water
or about the weight
of a polar bear
which would take
750 trees 10 years to absorb
or filling a bathtub
over 32 times

Ready to give your clothes a new lease of life?

Let Oxwash with the power of Vanish Zero save your items from landfill.

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