How we’re working to recover tonnes of scrap linen

In our quest for sustainability, we are dedicated to transforming the textile industry by recovering and recycling tonnes of scrap linen. This blog explores our initiatives, highlighting our partnership with Regenex, which has achieved an impressive 80% recovery rate, and Cotton Lives On, which repurposes even the most challenging textiles. We also address the unique difficulties in recycling healthcare textiles, such as scrubs, and outline our ongoing efforts to develop innovative solutions. Through strategic collaborations and continuous improvement, we aim to minimise waste, conserve resources, and promote a circular economy, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship.

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Sustainability is a crucial aspect of responsible business practices. As a company committed to environmental stewardship, we recognise the significant impact that textile waste can have on our planet. 

This blog post delves into our ongoing efforts to recover and recycle tonnes of scrap linen, showcasing our dedication to reducing waste and promoting a circular economy in the textile industry.

Partnering with Regenex: A game-changer in linen recovery

At the heart of our linen recovery initiative is our partnership with Regenex, a pioneer in textile restoration and recycling. This collaboration has been instrumental in our waste reduction efforts, with impressive results:

  • 80% recovery rate: Through Regenex's advanced techniques, we're able to restore and recycle an astounding 80% of our scrap linens. This reduces the amount of textile waste destined for landfills.

  • Resource conservation: By extending the life of textiles that would otherwise be discarded, we're conserving valuable resources and reducing the demand for new raw materials.

  • Innovative techniques: Regenex employs cutting-edge methods to breathe new life into worn or stained linens, demonstrating that with the right approach, what was once considered waste can be transformed into usable materials.

Cotton lives on: Giving new purpose to challenging textiles

While Regenex handles the bulk of our scrap linen, we've taken steps to ensure that even the most challenging textile waste is properly managed:

  • Comprehensive approach: Any remaining scrap that cannot be handled by Regenex's process is sent to Cotton Lives On, an initiative dedicated to repurposing cotton textiles.

  • Beyond conventional recycling: Cotton Lives On specialises in processing textiles that are beyond traditional recycling methods.

  • Closing the loop: By partnering with Cotton Lives On, we're further closing the loop in our textile lifecycle, minimising our ecological footprint and maximising resource efficiency.

Addressing challenges in healthcare textiles

While we've made significant strides in linen recovery, we face unique challenges when it comes to healthcare textiles, particularly scrubs:

  • Current limitations: At present, we don't have a recycling option for scrubs due to their specific material composition and usage requirements.

  • Minimal scrap generation: Although, currently very minimal scrap is generated from healthcare uniforms. This is largely due to inventory management issues resulting in missing stock.

  • Ongoing research: We're actively exploring innovative solutions and technologies to develop a comprehensive recycling programme for all types of textiles used in our operations, including scrubs.

Continuous improvement and future outlook

Our commitment to sustainability drives us to continually improve our textile waste management.

We are enhancing our inventory management to reduce loss and improve return rates of all textiles, including healthcare uniforms. This careful monitoring helps minimise waste at the source and ensures efficient use of our resources.

Our team is dedicated to innovating and finding recycling solutions for challenging textiles like scrubs. We're investing in research to develop comprehensive recycling processes that can handle even the most difficult-to-recycle materials.

We continue to foster partnerships with organisations – like Regenex and Cotton Lives On – that share our vision for a sustainable textile industry. By collaborating with like-minded entities, we can pool resources and knowledge to develop more effective waste management strategies and drive industry-wide change.

Weaving a sustainable future

Our efforts to recover tonnes of scrap linen represent just one facet of our broader commitment to sustainability. Through strategic partnerships with companies like Regenex and Cotton Lives On, we're making significant strides in reducing textile waste and promoting a circular economy. While challenges remain, particularly in the realm of healthcare textiles, we're dedicated to supporting innovative solutions and continuously improving our practices.

As we move forward, we remain committed to transparency in our sustainability journey, sharing both our successes and the challenges we face. Learn more about the impact we make on the planet, and how we’re helping to mitigate that at Oxwash.

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