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Our NHS heroes have enough challenges fighting the Covid-19 pandemic - doing their laundry after a 14 hour shift on the front line shouldn’t be one of them!

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  • NHS Workers
  • Elderly members of the community
  • Vulnerable individuals

Note: One of our team will get in touch to check everything is okay with your order and that you are eligible for our free washes. We are only able to offer free washes within the Oxford ring road.

How does it work?

After completing the form above, you will be provided with a unique discount code. This will give you £20 of credit (enough for a mixed bag of laundry + delivery). You can use this code 3 times.


At OXWASH doing laundry safely and hygienically is what we do best. We are determined to help in any way we can to make the lives of those facing the COVID-19 crisis a little easier and a little safer.

We realise that doing laundry for the vulnerable and elderly is a chore that often requires the support of family, friends or care workers and due to self isolation and increased risks, those options may be problematic or simply no longer available. We are working with the Oxfordshire Country Council and the Live Well project to push out out free services to those in the Oxfordshire community who could benefit most from our support.

Oxwash team members outside the Jericho Health Centre in Oxford, UK.

Get Involved/Get In Touch

Please let any NHS workers or other eligible individuals know about our free washes. We will be reaching out to them directly through various channels, but the more NHS heroes who are able to benefit from our services, the better!

To donate please head to our GoFundMe page at:

Thank you so much for your support!

The OXWASH team.