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Wet cleaning is a revolutionary method of cleaning that utilises water and biodegradable detergents, rather than the traditional carcinogenic solvents used in dry cleaning. This process is safer for both the environment and the individuals who come into contact with the cleaned garments. Wet cleaning is also highly effective at removing dirt, stains, and odours from a wide variety of fabrics.

What is Wet Cleaning?

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Wet cleaning is effective in maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of materials while minimising potential negative impacts on human health and the environment.

Unlike dry cleaning, which uses solvents, wet cleaning relies on the effective combination of water, biodegradable detergents, and mechanical agitation to remove dirt, stains, and contaminants. It is versatile and can be adapted for various fabrics and items, particularly for items that are delicate or require special care, making it a popular choice for commercial cleaning tasks. Implementing wet cleaning techniques enhances the durability and longevity of textiles.


We wash everything in-house in our award-winning wet cleaning process.

Our machines have been adapted to achieve fourth-generation wet cleaning capability. This means that the equipment we use is able to process both wet and dry-clean-only items as well as standard laundry. Our process therefore results in a huge increase in efficiency and quality and you get items back cleaner, faster and with significantly less impact on the environment.


The traditional dry cleaning industry uses tonnes of plastic and thousands of litres of solvents every year in the UK.

Dry cleaning causes many health issues ranging from respiratory failure to cancer. It can also have adverse effects on the human nervous system, causing headaches, movement difficulties and memory loss. These effects are caused by the use of PERC (Perchloroethylene), a colourless solvent derived from petroleum fractionation. PERC was phased out by dry cleaners in the U.S. at the end of 2020 by the rule of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help limit any potential health risks. It's time for the UK to follow!

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What are the Benefits of Wet Cleaning?

- A superior natural way of cleaning fabrics

- No harsh chemicals such as chlorine or phosphates are used protecting both your garments and you

- Uses water and mild biodegradable detergents instead of polluting chemicals such as PERC, so no toxic waste is produced

- Leaves a fresh natural scent instead of a chemical odour

- Removes organic stains better than dry cleaning

- Turnaround time is half that of dry cleaning

- There are minimal epidermal issues and the process is hypoallergenic and more suitable for sensitive skin

- Gentle drum rotation with water showering means less felting, matting, friction and overall material damage

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What's Safe to be Wet Cleaned?

- Delicate fabrics* such as handwoven or embroidered

- Items with glued sequins, small beads and embellishments

- Silk, hemp, flax, viscose and rayon

- Suit Trousers and Jackets

- Wool/Cashmere 

- Curtains, both lined and non-lined

- Wedding Dresses*

- Outdoor Jackets and coats

- Puffer jackets with down fillings

- Shirts of any material

- Dresses and ball Gowns

‍ *The only exception is some instances of heavyweight Satin, including Duchess Satin. If unsure, our team of experts are on hand to inspect your garments.

Our Impact


litres of water saved, equivalent to 3 Olympic swimming pools.


times less carbon-intensive than the industry average.


of microplastics and fibres filtered


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Items are sorted into textile, colour, weight and soiling categories. Spotting stain removers are added for stains that may need a bit of extra help to remove e.g. make-up. High-pressure air and water with a vacuum pump are used to push and pull stains out of fabrics with minimal energy use.


Wet clean cycles are then selected that correspond with the material and treatment required. Most cycles are run at dynamic temperatures. Read more about our commitment to world-class hygiene here: Hygiene at Oxwash.


Our machines initially coat items in a layer of dirt-repelling molecules that prevent stains from re-depositing on the items during processing. A mixture of slow mechanical action, soaking and a shower pump inside the drum gently remove dirt and stains before a final rinse and conditioning.


The garments are then dried using specialised computer programs that analyse the water content of the garment dynamically. The temperature decreases as the cycle progresses to prevent shrinking. After items are dried they are finished by hand using a former that uses steam to remove all creases and relax the fibres into position.


"The mobilisation of Oxwash into RAF Lakenheath, and their subsequent service levels and quality are the best I have ever seen of any audit I have ever performed."

Compass Group - Anna Hallas MBE, Head of Healthcare and Cleaning

"Oxwash’s unwavering commitment to delivering both clinical-grade disinfection and sustainability aligns seamlessly with our mission, offering us invaluable reassurance."

NDORMS - Haidar, Deputy Buildings and Facilities Manager

“Oxwash's reliable and flexible service means that we are able to accommodate our guests’ laundry and dry-cleaning needs without having to worry about the quality of the service."

Courtyard by Marriott - Louise Bird, Operations Manager

“Oxwash's localised customer service and the direct relationship we have with our account manager has made the process much more seamless and efficient. The laundry industry has been slow to evolve with the times but we believe Oxwash can be the catalyst for change.”

Beyond Apartments - James Fry, CEO & Founder

“So far I can only say I am very happy, we have an abundance of uniform all week due to the quick turn over and twice a week collections. This hopefully means when we need to invest in new uniform we can order less. I am very impressed with the level of communication, I received some last year to let me know of delayed pick ups due to the weather (something I didn’t get from our previous company).”

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