Sustainable disinfection and sanitisation

Our Technology

Oxwash is re-engineering textile care and washing with a specific focus on sustainable hygiene.

We achieve above healthcare-grade disinfection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses from our customers' items.

Ozone deodourisation/disinfection for delicate and highly stained/soiled textiles

Eradication of up to 99.99999% of bacteria* (Tested against Enterococcus faecium)

Bleach and peroxide-free for safe use for your home or your customers

Ambient temperature washing increases textile longevity by up to 3x

*Tested with CCD laboratory with quaternary ammonium and thermal disinfection.

The Power of Ozone

Reactive Ozone Molecules

Ideal to eradicate germs, allergens, and odours. Triggering oxidation and cell lysis, ozone destroys microorganisms and is widely used in healthcare and spacecraft disinfection.

Membrane phospholipids are oxidised leading to leakage of cytoplasm and eventually cell death.

Antimicrobial efficacy of Oxwash

Microorganism load on textiles pre and post Oxwash laundry process. Tryptic soy agar with lecithin and TWEEN® 80 contact plates used to sample a used Airbnb set of linen.

A - Microbial load pre Oxwash process with S. aureus, E. faecalis, E. coli and Aspergillus sp. present.

B - Microbial load post Oxwash process with no detectable microbial load present.

"Ozone disinfection is an effective tool in the battle against bacteria and viruses, especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic”

Dr Edward Manning
(Department of Internal Medicine, Yale School of Medicine)


Airbnbs, restaurants, cafes, colleges, offices etc


Everyday laundry, dry cleaning,
bed sheets etc
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Together we can wash our way to a cleaner, sustainable future.