Benefits of a Laundry Service for Your Hotel

Good hotels understand the importance of an efficient hotel laundry system. There is no place for a stained towel or hair on the pillow if you want your guests to feel good at your hotel.

Benefits of a Laundry Service for Your Hotel
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At the hotel, you do everything you can to welcome your guests with hospitality and warmth. You can evoke these feelings through a series of carefully curated details - from a glass of prosecco at arrival, to soft and fresh bed linen. As such, good hotels understand the importance of an efficient hotel laundry service. There is no place for a stained towel or hair on the pillow if you want your guests to feel good at your hotel.

As hotel managers deal with a million things at once, what are the benefits of using a hotel laundry service?


The first pain point that in-house hotel laundry facilities usually struggle with is the low quality of the washes. Let's face it: hotels do not specialise in the latest laundry technology. Your in-house machines probably need multiple washes to get off difficult stains, and they decrease the brightness of your linen quickly. Not to mention shrinking your guest's favourite sweater by accident… that won’t look good on Google reviews! At Oxwash, we are experts in laundry and wet cleaning. Our processing cycle is a blend of human touch and world-class innovative technology. We process every item individually to return pristine bed linen, bath towels, staff uniforms or your guests' clothing.

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Quick & Reliable

When thinking about switching to a hotel laundry service, the managers might question the pace of the outsourced operation. We don’t want to speak for all hotel laundry services... but at Oxwash we have a maximum 24-hour turn-around. With our strategic locations and mobility of our electric collection bikes, we can skip the traffic and get your laundry sorted ASAP. With quick collections and returns, you can be sure to have your hotel rooms and staff clothing ready on time.

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Client support 

When you work with Oxwash laundry service, you will deal with our lovely managers instead of automatic bots. This designated client support is essential, especially during busy periods when you are more likely to need to reschedule or be more flexible with your orders. We want to build authentic relationships, rather than just an automated service. We believe that human interactions lead to better communication and understanding of your business's individual needs.

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At your hotel laundry facility, you are most likely to use traditional high-temperature washes. These cause a massive waste of water, energy and finances. On the other hand, did you know that low-temperature washing prolongs the lifespan of linen as much as threefold? Specialised hotel laundry services have innovative machines, utilising the right technology. Using a laundry service will minimise your costs on energy bills, as well as on buying new stock. Also, if you want to avoid having to buy linen altogether, you can use an annual linen rental service, such as the one we offer at Oxwash. 

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Saving water and energy is not only good for your wallet but also for the planet… and your reputation. More and more customers value sustainability and strive to reduce their carbon footprints. Our mission at Oxwash is to reduce laundry's impact on the environment. Collaborating with a B-corp like us can be an excellent addition to your hotel offering and a selling point to your guests.

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Reduce the pressure on your hotel staff

You don't need to hire more staff and manage the in-house laundry facility yourself, as a professional hotel laundry service can do it all for you. The nature of a hotel, especially during the holiday season, can be very fast-paced. The staff work all day and need to change and wash their uniforms often. During such a busy period your team is probably already overwhelmed and tired. Having to wash their uniforms straight after their shift is another task they need to remember about. As a hotel manager, you know how important details such as an ironed spotless shirt are. Cut yourself and your employees the stress, and arrange a laundry facility to collect their uniforms. This will reduce the pressure on your staff and make sure the garments are always pristine.

Using a quick and reliable laundry service will let your staff focus on what they are best at and prioritise other important tasks. 

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Finally, it is just convenient. Letting a professional company deal with your laundry decreases the number of things you need to think about and manage. Let yourself bring you peace of mind that everything will be sorted… and washed, and ironed ;) 

If you want to start your journey with easy and high-quality Oxwash hotel laundry service, get in touch with us here.

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