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A sustainable end-to-end solution for your hotel’s laundry needs. From guest dry cleaning to linen hire, we’ve got you covered.

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Count on our punctuality and efficiency to ensure a smooth experience for you and your hotel guests. We understand the importance of timely service and adaptability, particularly during peak seasons. Benefit from competitive return times, flexible scheduling, and multiple pick-up and delivery locations. Enjoy personalised support from an assigned Account Manager, guaranteeing prompt and effective response times.


Conventional in-house laundry machines often use vast amounts of water and energy, which is reflected by soaring bills. Our competitively priced hotel laundry service will allow for cost reduction in the long run as our innovative technology saves water and energy. By prolonging the lifespan of your linens, we can reduce the frequency of replacement and allow for long-term cost savings.


We are pioneers in quality laundry and wet cleaning.

Our processing cycle is a blend of human touch and world-class innovative technology and allows for expert stain removal without the use of harsh chemicals. Whether your laundry requirements are for bed linen, bath towels, staff uniforms or guest dry cleaning, you can expect quality results.


At Oxwash, our mission is to reduce the impact of laundry on the environment.

We are the world’s first carbon-neutral, B Corp™️ laundry platform, and we’ve noticed a huge rise in companies valuing sustainability and striving to reduce their carbon footprint. Partnering with Oxwash can be an excellent addition to your hotel’s ESG metrics. State-of-the-art technology allows us to programme our machines for minimal water and energy consumption whilst maintaining a perfect clean.

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“Oxwash's localised customer service and the direct relationship we have with our account manager has made the process much more seamless and efficient. The laundry industry has been slow to evolve with the times but we believe Oxwash can be the catalyst for change.”

James Fry, CEO & Founder

“So far I can only say I am very happy, we have an abundance of uniform all week due to the quick turn over and twice a week collections. This hopefully means when we need to invest in new uniform we can order less. I am very impressed with the level of communication, I received some last year to let me know of delayed pick ups due to the weather (something I didn’t get from our previous company).”

University of Cambridge

Our Impact


of microplastics and fibres filtered


tonnes of carbon durably removed (carbon-neutral)


tonnes of CO2e saved in 2022* (*scopes 1 and 2 vs industry average)

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We are thrilled to share the news of our newest expansion in Swindon.

Big Blue is poised to revolutionise the laundry and textile cleaning industry as the first industrial-scale, net-zero facility. Covering an impressive area of 25,000 square feet, this state-of-the-art facility will rely solely on electricity and biogas for its power and heating requirements.


We recognise the utmost significance of customer experience.

That's why we've streamlined the process of managing orders, invoices, and collection bookings for your convenience. Our aim is to make your business's laundry flow management as effortless as possible, constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the overall experience we deliver.

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