Choosing the Right Medical Laundry Service

In the healthcare industry, the choice of a hospital laundry service is crucial for maintaining stringent hygiene standards and creating a safe environment as it directly impacts patient safety, regulatory adherence, and environmental sustainability. This blog explores key considerations, emphasising the importance of hygiene, compliance with healthcare regulations, reliability, and sustainability practices. The article highlights how providers should prioritise infection control, comply with regulations, ensure quick turnaround times, and contribute to environmental responsibility through carbon-neutral practices.

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In the healthcare industry, where stringent hygiene standards are paramount, the choice of a hospital laundry service plays a pivotal role in maintaining a safe and sterile environment. Medical facilities rely heavily on the services of professional laundry providers to ensure that linens, uniforms, and other healthcare textiles meet the highest standards of cleanliness. 

In this article, we'll explore key considerations in choosing the right medical laundry service and delve into the significance of opting for providers committed to sustainability.

Hygiene and infection control

When it comes to healthcare textiles, stringent hygiene and infection control measures are non-negotiable. The right medical laundry service should adhere to industry-specific standards, employing advanced washing processes and disinfection techniques to eliminate pathogens effectively. 

Hospital laundry services that prioritise infection control contribute significantly to creating a safer environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. At Oxwash, we are able to maintain high standards of cleanliness with biodegradable detergents. 

We are confident of our techniques, which have been vetted by a CCD (Clinical Contract Diagnostics) to prove that we achieve above NHS-grade disinfection (99.99999%) of bacteria, fungi, and viruses in our wash process.

Compliance with healthcare regulations

Navigating the labyrinth of healthcare regulations is a complex task, and the chosen medical laundry service must be well-versed in compliance. Healthcare facilities must partner with laundry services that understand and adhere to standards set by regulatory bodies. 

We seek to go above and beyond to provide peace of mind to our healthcare partners, and have secured the EN 14065 accreditation, which aligns with the Healthcare Technical Memorandum 01-04 (HTM-01-04). We are also a NOE CPC (NHS North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative) Awarded Supplier, which indicates our commitment and the delivery of high quality services.

Turnaround time and reliability

In a healthcare setting, where the demand for clean linens and uniforms is continuous, the reliability of a medical laundry service is paramount. The right provider should offer a quick turnaround time without compromising the quality of the laundering process. Punctuality in delivering freshly laundered textiles is not just a convenience; it's a critical factor in maintaining seamless operations within a healthcare facility.

Our flexible system and sophisticated tech stack allows customers to book a collection in under 30 seconds, and tells you exactly what items are on their way back to you, making sure no hospital is in for a rude awakening.

Reducing emissions in hospital laundry services

Hospitals, as significant contributors to environmental impact, are under increasing pressure to reduce emissions. Laundry services, being an integral part of hospital operations, play a vital role in this endeavour. 

At our facilities, we utilise energy-saving practices, such as energy-efficient equipment, water recycling, use of biodegradable detergents and even special techniques like ozone cleaning. Our cleaning facility in Swindon, Big Blue I, is the world's first industrial-sized, carbon-neutral laundry and wet cleaning facility, covering an area of 20,000 square feet.

Choosing wisely for a healthier future

Selecting the right medical laundry service is a decision that goes beyond mere convenience; it directly impacts patient safety, regulatory compliance, and environmental responsibility. Healthcare facilities must prioritise providers that uphold the highest standards of hygiene, comply with healthcare regulations, and offer reliable and customisable services. 

Furthermore, in a world increasingly focused on sustainability, opting for a medical laundry service committed to carbon neutrality is a proactive step towards a healthier future, for both healthcare and the planet.

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