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With a track record of trust from various clients in the healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical ventures, vaccine trials, care homes and hospitals, we are committed to quality, rigorous hygiene standards and innovative processes.

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We use low-emission disinfection methods, including ozone and thermal treatments to ensure that textiles are clean and safe for healthcare environments.

These processes guarantee a level of disinfection that exceeds the NHS-grade standard, with 99.99999% effectiveness against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Oxwash’s disinfection methods have been clinically tested and validated by an independent third party, CCD (Clinical Contract Diagnostics). ‍Our Ozone process is a widely-used disinfectant in healthcare settings that doesn’t generate toxic waste and is particularly effective in eradicating tough germs and odours. This has proven crucial post-Covid-19, as our cleaning services played a vital role in ensuring the disinfection of linens and textiles used by hospitals and other key healthcare environments.


The quality and safety of services are critical within the Healthcare environment.

Accreditation serves as a vital benchmark, guaranteeing that laundry processes meet the stringent standards set by regulatory bodies. We understand the significance of accreditation and have taken proactive measures to comply with the HTM0104 regulation established by the Department for Health. By adhering to this regulation, we demonstrate our commitment to maintaining hygienic and reliable laundry services for the NHS and the wider healthcare sector. Furthermore, Oxwash is currently in the process of obtaining the EN14065 and ISO9001 accreditations through the Certification for Accreditation (CfA). We are now officially a NOE CPC awarded supplier for 2023-2027 under LOT 1, 3 & 4.


A combination of state-of-the-art machinery and dynamic wash cycles ensures that linen and textiles remain soft and fresh.

Prioritising sustainability and patient well-being we utilise biodegradable detergents that are both fragrance and cruelty-free to protect vulnerable patients with allergies and skin sensitivities. Additionally, our use of powerful yet natural emulsifiers ensures the removal of even the toughest stains. Through our meticulous approach and dedication to quality, we ensure that our laundry services deliver the highest standards for cleanliness, comfort, and care. Our tailored approach to gentle and hygienic cleaning is designed to effectively prolong the lifespan of linens, scrubs and gowns.


Linen rental is crucial within all healthcare settings as it provides clean, hygienic linens on a consistent basis.

With rigorous use and laundering requirements, being able to rely on a professional rental service ensures a steady supply of fresh linens while relieving hospitals from the burden of maintenance. This allows healthcare professionals to prioritise patient care and maintain strict hygiene standards. Our low temperature washing processes not only save energy and water usage, it can help prolong the lifespan of linens, reducing the cost of stock over time and the amount of industrial waste.

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Carbon Neutral Laundry

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Medical Grade Disinfection

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"Every Hurr item has a unique cleaning and finishing process, so working alongside Hurr’s garment science team and Oxwash's tech teams, we've been able to re-engineer the cleaning process while ensuring every rented item arrives in perfect condition for our customers."

Victoria (Hurr, CEO)

"I would honestly say the shirts come back looking better than when we first bought them. The attention to detail is second to none, with difficult stains being removed and finishing to the absolute top standard. The staff are responsive and friendly, a real pleasure to work with. All this done in a sustainable way while continuing to innovate and be market leaders! Oxwash are the future of laundry and I’m excited to watch them grow."

Jack (Garmst, Co-Founder)

"We've been able to form a great working relationship with the team. Having our own account manager has allowed the service and communication to be more personable, seamless and efficient."

Claudia (Loan The Look, Co-Founder)

Our Impact


tonnes of CO2 saved in 2022* (*scopes 1 and 2 vs industry average)


tonnes of carbon durably removed (carbon-neutral)


of microplastics and fibres filtered

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Introducing Big Blue, our pioneering net-zero textile cleaning facility, opening soon in Swindon.

Spanning an impressive 25,000 square feet, this industrial-scale expansion is proud to operate solely on electricity and biogas, revolutionising sustainable laundry practices.


Ensuring an exceptional customer experience is our utmost priority.

We recognise the significance of empowering you to effortlessly handle orders, invoices, and collection bookings. Our aim is to streamline your laundry flow management, offering a straightforward, and efficient process that reduces stock loses.

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