Sustainable linen and catering laundry service for the hospitality industry

High quality linen rental and catering laundry services tailored to the needs of hospitality, restaurant and food and beverage industries.

Why Choose Oxwash?

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At Oxwash, we combine expertise and cutting-edge technology to provide superior laundry and wet cleaning services.

Our process is gentle yet effective, utilising advanced techniques to remove even the toughest stains without the need for harsh chemicals. Whether you need your table linens, chef wear or uniforms laundered, our proprietary process will extend the life of your restaurant textiles. Our services are especially well-suited for food and beverage hospitality and catering businesses, where high-quality linens, napkins, aprons and front-of-house uniforms are essential to maintaining a professional image. Trust our catering laundry service to hygienically clean your textiles without damaging them or washing harsh chemicals down the drain.


Rest assured that we offer a timely and hassle-free service to ensure a seamless client experience.

We understand the need for flexibility and quick turnaround times, particularly during peak periods for restaurants and catering businesses, which is why we offer competitive flexible scheduling, multi-location pick-up and delivery, and designated client support. You can expect to have a designated account manager who can respond promptly and efficiently to any enquiries.


As the first carbon-neutral laundry platform and B Corp Certified, we've gained many clients within hospitality and catering who prioritise sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint.

By partnering with us, you can boost your ESG metrics as our cutting-edge technology enables us to use minimal water and energy while still delivering high-quality cleaning. Using our catering laundry services is a quick and simple way to immediately lower your carbon footprint and contribute towards sustainability goals. Our lowered water and heating needs contribute to our competitive pricing model, allowing you to benefit in terms of sustainability goals and reduced costs.

Key Services

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Carbon Neutral Laundry

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High Quality

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Stain Removal

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Account Management

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Linen Rental

“Oxwash's localised customer service and the direct relationship we have with our account manager has made the process much more seamless and efficient. The laundry industry has been slow to evolve with the times but we believe Oxwash can be the catalyst for change.”

James Fry (Beyond Apartments, CEO & Founder)

“Oxwash's reliable and flexible service means that we are able to accommodate our guests’ laundry and dry-cleaning needs without having to worry about the quality of the service."

Courtyard by Marriott (Louise, Operations Manager)

Our Impact


tonnes of CO2 saved in 2022* (*scopes 1 and 2 vs industry average)


tonnes of carbon durably removed (carbon-neutral)


of microplastics and fibres filtered

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Introducing our industrial-sized expansion in Swindon - Big Blue I, the first EN14065-accredited, carbon-neutral laundry facility.

We’re the laundry company of the future, and we take our commitment to the environment and Net Zero seriously, which is why Big Blue I is the centre of our operations. Spanning an impressive 25,000 square feet, this industrial-sized marvel is set to revolutionise the industry. Operating solely on electricity and biogas, it is poised to be the world's first sustainable laundry facility of its kind.


We highly value the satisfaction of our customers and recognise the significance of a seamless customer experience.

To facilitate your order management, invoice handling, and collection bookings with utmost speed and efficiency, we have streamlined our processes to ensure simplicity. Our commitment to enhancing your laundry flow management remains unwavering, as we continuously seek innovative methods to elevate the quality of the catering laundry service we deliver.


We believe that sustainability shouldn’t cost the earth.

In order to create a truly carbon-neutral catering laundry service for industry, pricing and services must be accessible. Through our pioneering washing practices which use significantly less energy and water, we’re able to lower our operational costs and pass these savings down to our customers. Give our team a call today to learn more about how you can contribute to sustainability efforts without incurring any significant cost.

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We reliably serve numerous clients with their catering laundry services, speak to our friendly team to find out how we can speed up and reduce the costs of your laundry needs.