Sustainable Laundry and Wet Cleaning for your Office

Maintain a clean and hygienic workspace while optimising efficiency. Unlock the power of efficient and sustainable towel cleaning services for your office.

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We offer a reliable laundry and wet cleaning service for your owned or serviced office needs.

Whether you have on-site food preparation and catering, events, or showers and gyms, we offer flexible and fast turnaround times and low minimum order quantities. Our riders will collect and deliver to your preferred designated area within your premises - reception, leasing office, lockers - whatever works best for you! To meet your unique business needs, we offer access to devoted and localised client support to ensure complete satisfaction.


We have complete control over every step of the process, from collecting the items to washing them, so we can ensure rigorous quality checks.

We use ambient temperature washing and mild detergents to prevent any damage and colour bleeding, ensuring that all items are kept spotlessly clean and remain in excellent condition.


Oxwash offers offices a holistic laundry experience by addressing various needs such as catering uniforms, event linens, and gym/facility towels.

Our efficient service promotes workplace cleanliness, enhances hygiene standards, and contributes to a productive and comfortable environment for employees. We ensure that every aspect of the laundry process is seamlessly integrated and sustainable, making it convenient, efficient, and compliant with your ESG metrics.


Using the Oxwash laundry service for offices helps your business demonstrate your commitment to the environment.

Our innovative and award-winning wet cleaning and laundry process uses sustainable detergents and ambient temperature wash loads designed to be kinder to the planet. By choosing us, your company can lower your carbon footprint, and join our mission to eliminate the impact of laundry on the planet and people!

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Carbon Neutral Laundry

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"Every Hurr item has a unique cleaning and finishing process, so working alongside Hurr’s garment science team and Oxwash's tech teams, we've been able to re-engineer the cleaning process while ensuring every rented item arrives in perfect condition for our customers."

Victoria (Hurr, CEO)

"I would honestly say the shirts come back looking better than when we first bought them. The attention to detail is second to none, with difficult stains being removed and finishing to the absolute top standard. The staff are responsive and friendly, a real pleasure to work with. All this done in a sustainable way while continuing to innovate and be market leaders! Oxwash are the future of laundry and I’m excited to watch them grow."

Jack (Garmst, Co-Founder)

"We've been able to form a great working relationship with the team. Having our own account manager has allowed the service and communication to be more personable, seamless and efficient."

Claudia (Loan The Look, Co-Founder)

Our Impact


of CO2 saved in 2022* (*scopes 1 and 2 vs industry average)


tonnes of carbon durably removed (carbon-neutral)


of microplastics and fibres filtered

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We are thrilled to introduce our newest expansion, situated in Swindon.

Big Blue is poised to revolutionise the textile cleaning industry as the world's pioneering industrial-scale net-zero facility. Spanning over 25,000 square feet, this state-of-the-art establishment will operate on an innovative blend of electricity and biogas for its comprehensive power and heating needs.


We deeply understand the significance of delivering a remarkable customer experience.

That's why we have strived to make it incredibly convenient and efficient for you to oversee order management, invoices, and collection bookings. We are dedicated to simplifying the management of your business's laundry flow through our user-friendly system. We are constantly exploring innovative approaches to further enhance the exceptional experience we offer.

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