Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a more modern and eco friendly way to get dry clean only garments washed safely using water and chemicals which have been specially adapted for dry clean only fabrics.

Many professional washing machines now have a feature called Wet Clean. This means that the washing machine machines are able to process both wet clean only items as well as standard laundry. This is a more cost effective method of processing as now businesses don't have to buy a separate machine for dry cleaning, it can all be done in one machine saving time, money and space.

Dry cleaning causes so many health issues, it being caused by the use of PERC (perchloroethylene) which is a petroleum-based substance. It can have adverse effects on the human nervous system, causing headaches, breathing difficulties and memory problems. Long term exposure can cause life threatening illnesses. It also produces toxic chemicals and waste which is having a negative impact on our environment as it cannot be easily broken down. This has been banned under environmental health in some countries due to the toxicity.

Benefits of Wet Cleaning

  • Most natural way of cleaning fabrics
  • No harsh chemicals protecting both your garments and the environment
  • Uses water and mild biodegradable detergents instead of polluting chemicals such as Tetrachloroethylene, so no toxic waste is produced
  • Leaves a fresh scent instead of a chemical smell
  • Removes organic stains better than dry cleaning
  • Turn around time is significantly shorter
  • It’s better for people with sensitive skin
  • Softer fabrics 
  • Gentler drum rotations. More delicate than handwashing
  • Gentler drying temperatures compared to the heat evaporation of chemical in the dry cleaners

What materials are normally and safe to be wet cleaned?

  • Delicate fabrics 
  • Silks and Saris
  • Embellished and Embroidered Garments
  • Suit Trousers and Jackets
  • Wool/Cashmere 
  • Curtains 
  • Wedding Dresses
  • Outdoor Jackets 
  • Shirts 
  • Dresses/Ball Gowns
  • Leather (Only with specialist leather/suede cleaning products, not normal wet clean detergents) These have to be processed by hand
  • Suede (Only with specialist leather/suede cleaning products, not normal wet clean detergents) These have to be processed by hand
  • Ugg Boots (Only with specialist leather/suede cleaning products, not normal wet clean detergents) These have to be processed by hand

We do not wet clean leather jackets and trousers with padding i.e Motorbike Jackets and trousers as the padding will lose its shape when being laundered and will not return back to the original shape.

We do not wet clean any leather jackets with printing on them as this print will deform and come away from the item.

How does wet cleaning work?

Wet cleaning uses water, chemicals and ultra slow drum rotations to ensure your most delicate items are cared for


Laundry is sorted into textile, colours, weight and soiling. Spot stain removers are added for stains that may need a bit of extra chemical help e.g make-up. This is normally done with chemicals like vanish.


The correct cycle is then selected for the type of fabrics and soiling levels. For example, wool, cashmere, silk, along with the correct detergents for those types of fabrics i.e. woolite.


The washing machines will then change the drum rotations, temperature and water levels which suit the fabrics and is almost the same mechanical action as a hand wash cycle on a washing machine.


The garments are then dried in the same way using specialised programme's to continue that delicate care. (very low drying temperatures and slow drum rotations) After they have dried they are finished off using either a hand ironer or a former press.
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