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Sustainable Laboratory & Cleanroom Laundry Services

We support laboratories, cleanrooms, biotech, healthcare research and more. Our current scientific customers include universities, pharmaceutical venture, biotechnology research labs and science parks/research centres.

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Pandemic specific PPE protocols
Innovating ambient disinfection
Bespoke solutions for scientific research
  • ISO 7/8 certified garments for protection of the product against particles and protection of the wearer against chemical liquids or toxic powders
  • During onboarding, our experienced team will guide you through the procurement process for complete satisfaction and biocontrol maintenance
  • Bespoke service contracts with no minimum collection and ad-hoc collections guarantee flexibility to your requirements
Innovating ambient disinfection

How our On Demand Laundry Collection service works

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Simply place your order online, selecting the items you want cleaned, folded or hung, ironed or wet cleaned (the sustainable alternative to dry cleaning). 
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Our experienced riders will collect your order from your business on one of our e-cargo bikes.
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We take your items to be washed through ozone deodourisation (the process of removing odours from clothes using oxidation) and low temperature wash cycles. Then we deliver them at a time and day of your choosing.
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