A message from our CEO Dr Kyle C Grant

Dear Oxwash Customers.

Thank you for choosing Oxwash. We know at the moment how worrying it is with the COVID-19 outbreak and we as a company want to reassure you that your laundry will be cleaned and treated with the utmost care. Each of our customers will be contacted by phone and email to answer any questions and prepare you for your collection and delivery prior to the booked time and date.

How will things be different to a normal Oxwash collection? 

1) Your Oxwash rider will park their bike at least 3 meters away from your front door, before putting on disposable gloves, arm protectors and a mask.

2. Your Oxwash rider will post special dissolvable laundry bags through your letterbox, or leave them on your doormat, before ringing your doorbell and stepping back a minimum of 2 meters.

3) Please place all of your items in the red bags provided and tie a double knot in the top like a bin bag. Please don't include any other bags inside the dissolvable bags, or place the red bags into any other bags as your bagged items will be placed directly into the washing machines. 

4) Please place your items on your doorstep and then close the door.

5)  Only once you have closed your door will your Oxwash rider collect your items. They will place them in another sealed bag for transport and you will receive a collection confirmation email and text message as usual. 

6) We will wash your items in one of two ways:

a) We will wash your items at 60˚C using enhanced chemical and ozone disinfection. Please note: items will not be removed from the red bags or inspected prior to being washed, so please make sure you have removed all items (pens, coins, tissues etc) from the pockets and that all whites and colours are placed in separate red bags.

b) We will wash your items at 40˚C after a 72 hour holding buffer. This pipeline allows the degradation of any COVID-19 over time ahead of being washed at a lower temperature for more delicate items. Ozone and chemical disinfection will still be performed. Items washed in this way will be stain treated prior to the main wash cycle.

For more information on our enhanced washing process please find our report here.

The scientific study on the integrity of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) over time can be found here.

If you have any further questions around this new process please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.

Take care and stay safe,

Dr Kyle C Grant