7 steps to choosing the best hotel laundry service

In the ever-demanding world of hospitality, partnering with the right laundry service is crucial for maintaining high standards and addressing environmental concerns and cost-effectiveness. From ensuring high quality and embracing technological advancements, each step is geared towards enhancing guest satisfaction while minimising your carbon footprint, emphasising the importance of streamlined management processes and social responsibility in the selection process. By following these steps, hoteliers can confidently choose a laundry service that aligns with their values and operational requirements, paving the way for a more sustainable and socially responsible future in the hospitality industry.

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When it comes to the hospitality industry, every detail counts – including the cleanliness and quality of linens and uniforms. For hotels in particular, this means trusting a company that can handle lots of moving parts. And without the right laundry service by your side, you might find yourself in some hot water. Especially when we consider the environmental impact of many modern laundry practices.

But, it's not just about being more sustainable; reliability, cost-effectiveness, and quality also play crucial roles when it comes to finding the right hotel laundry service. Here are seven steps to guide you in choosing the best hotel laundry service for your hotel.

1. Assess environmental impact

The traditional laundry industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, particularly in the hospitality sector. Because of this, it’s important to look for a laundry service that actively reduces its environmental footprint. 

Seek out companies that employ innovative technologies like water reclamation systems and biodegradable detergents to minimise water usage and chemical pollution, and ensure they have concrete goals for reducing emissions and conserving resources.

2. Consider cost-effectiveness

While sustainability is vital, it doesn’t need to come at the expense of your bottom line. Look for a laundry service that offers competitive pricing without compromising quality or environmental standards. 

Innovative technologies can lead to long-term cost savings by reducing water and energy consumption and prolonging the lifespan of linens. So, it’s important to consider the overall value proposition rather than just the upfront cost.

3. Prioritise high quality

Guest satisfaction hinges on the cleanliness and freshness of linens and uniforms. To make sure you’re keeping up with high expectations, choose a laundry service known for high-quality results. 

Look for companies that use advanced processing cycles to remove stains without harsh chemicals, ensuring a superior clean while minimising environmental impact. Whether it's bed linens, bath towels, or staff uniforms, prioritise quality to enhance your guest’s experience.

4. Explore technological advancements

Innovation is driving significant improvements in the laundry industry – but it’s still rare. Do your research and seek out companies that leverage state-of-the-art technology to optimise efficiency and sustainability. 

Keep an eye out for features like water reclamation systems, tunnel washers, and advanced chemistry formulations that minimise resource usage and maximise cleanliness. For example, we research and utilise advanced laundry solutions like our Ozone cleaning process. 

Stay informed about the latest advancements to ensure your chosen laundry service remains at the forefront of sustainability and efficiency.

5. Streamline management processes

Managing laundry operations should be as seamless as possible – but choosing the wrong laundry service can bring your supply chain to a screeching halt.

How do you avoid this issue? By finding a laundry service that offers a user-friendly platform for order management, invoicing, and collection bookings. Streamlined processes save time and effort, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences. 

6. Evaluate reliability and flexibility

In the hospitality industry, timeliness is essential. Make sure you choose a laundry service that offers reliable and flexible scheduling, especially during peak seasons. 

Consider factors such as turnaround time, pickup and delivery options, and the ability to accommodate last-minute requests. For an added bonus, look for a dedicated account manager who can provide personalised support and ensure seamless service, no matter the circumstances.

7. Prioritise social responsibility

Beyond environmental sustainability, consider the social impact of your chosen laundry service provider. Look for companies that prioritise social responsibility by supporting local employment, skills development, and community projects. 

This means you can choose a laundry service that aligns with your values and demonstrates a commitment to making a positive difference in the communities they serve.

Finding the right fit

Selecting the best hotel laundry service requires careful consideration of environmental impact, reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality, technological advancements, management processes, and social responsibility. 

By following these seven steps, you can choose a laundry service that not only meets your operational needs but also contributes to a more sustainable and socially responsible future.

At Oxwash, we’re championing change when it comes to the hospitality industry. From state-of-the-art stain removal to pioneering tracking technology, we’re here to make hotel laundry carbon-neutral, cost-effective and flexible. Learn more about what we do by checking out our hotel services

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