Linen And Laundry Services For Educational Facilities

Laundry and wet cleaning services for schools, colleges and universities across the UK, offering hyper-flexible arrangements for bedding, catering and uniform.

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From packaging to powering our e-cargo bikes and electric vans, our processes are entirely carbon-neutral.

We use wet cleaning methods that drastically reduce water and energy use while filtering out plastic microfibres. This sets us apart from traditional dry cleaners that still rely on toxic, carcinogenic chemicals like 'Perc', which have already been banned in many countries. As advocates for transparency, we share our complete impact, challenges, and commitments in our annual [Sustainability Report]. By doing so, we can hold ourselves accountable for providing an exceptional service with a clean environmental footprint.


We can adjust our services to suit fluctuations in your term time calendar and varying seasonal needs. 

We know how important quick turnaround and flexibility are, especially during the summer conference and events seasons. To support this we offer competitive turnaround times, flexible scheduling, multi-location pick-up and delivery options.


We are pioneers in quality laundry and wet cleaning and our world-class innovative technology allows for expert stain removal without the use of harsh chemicals.

Whether your laundry requirements are for linens, towels, graduation gowns or student/guest laundry, you can expect quality results that are guaranteed to maximise the lifespan of the textiles.


We offer designated client support, which will prove essential, especially during busy periods.

When you work with us, you'll experience a collaborative approach where we’ll work with you. We view our clients as partners, and we're committed to leveraging our strengths to help you achieve your goals. By prioritising this partnership mentality, we're able to foster a sense of teamwork and create more productive and fulfilling collaborations.

Our Services

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Carbon Neutral Laundry

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High Quality


Multi-Location Pick-Up & Drop Off

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Customer Support

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No Toxic Chemicals

“So far I can only say I am very happy, we have an abundance of uniform all week due to the quick turn over and twice a week collections. This hopefully means when we need to invest in new uniform we can order less. I am very impressed with the level of communication, I received some last year to let me know of delayed pick ups due to the weather (something I didn’t get from our previous company).”

University of Cambridge

Our Impact


tonnes of CO2 saved in 2022* (*scopes 1 and 2 vs industry average)


tonnes of carbon durably removed (carbon-neutral)


of microplastics and fibres filtered

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Big Blue is poised to revolutionise the laundry industry as the world’s first industrial-scale, net-zero textile cleaning facility.

Spanning an impressive 25,000 square feet, this cutting-edge facility will operate exclusively on electricity and biogas, eliminating any reliance on traditional energy sources for both power and heat.


We understand the criticality of delivering an exceptional customer experience.

To ensure seamless order management, invoice handling, and efficient collection bookings, we have streamlined our system. Our goal is to simplify your laundry flow management, and we continuously strive to enhance the quality of service we offer.

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